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Legionella Risk Management

Each comprehensive Legionella risk management program is developed as a working tool on a site-specific basis to help evaluate and reduce those health related risks arising from water systems, and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Pathogenic Microorganisms

Although it is impossible to guarantee that pathogenic microorganisms such as Legionella will not exist in a water system, through proactive management and effective control programs it is possible to dramatically reduce the factors that allow those responsible bacteria to proliferate and spread.

Recommended Practice

Watermation's risk management programs have been developed in accordance with current UK recommended practices and guidelines on Legionella control.

legionella bacteriaLegionnaire's disease was first described in 1976 after an outbreak of fatal pneumonia at a Legionnaires convention in USA. The newly described organism which caused the disease was named Legionella pneumophila, shown in this picture. (Image courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)



A copy of the L8 (.pdf) can be downloaded here;


L8 PDF download


A copy of the HSG 274 (.pdf) can be downloaded here;


HSG 274 PDF download


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