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Watermation Ltd design our own liguid polymer and dosing system (Pical Mixer). We supply and install the Polymer make-up units which convert powder and concentrated liquid grade flocculants into ready to use viscous solutions at the customer's site.


polymer makeup unit


Polymer makeup and dosing unit

The Pical Mixer is installed above the chemical conditioning chamber. The stainless steel makeup and dosing unit is divided into two sections and separated by a single baffle. The first is the dosing/mixing section and the second is the transfer section.

An electrical mixer is mounted in the first section to mix the neat polymer with incoming mains water. The mains water is controlled by a solenoid valve and flows in on demand, as does the neat polymer.

The dilute solution of polymer is displaced under the baffle into the transfer section and overflows out at high level into the chemical conditioning chamber below.

When the wastewater flow into the treatment plant stops, the solenoid valve and dosing pump in the makeup unit also stop.


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