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In the modern world of wastewater treatment, control of odours has moved from an afterthought to a primary design consideration for most collection and treatment facilities. As development encroaches on our facilities and our new neighbours become less tolerant of nuisance odours, Watermation Ltd have found the need to address odour as a primary concern in the design and operation of collection and treatment facilities. As the attention paid to odour control has increased, so has the number of odour control technologies that are available in the marketplace.

Any place or process in which wastewater is collected, conveyed or treated has the potential to generate and release nuisance odours to the surrounding area. However, most odour problems occur in the collection system, in primary treatment facilities and in solids handling facilities. In most instances, the odours associated with collection systems and primary treatment facilities are generated as a result of an anaerobic or "septic" condition.

Solids handling facilities are another significant odour problem area. In biosolids dewatering and treatment processes, the biosolids commonly undergo extreme turbulence, pH adjustment and/or thermal treatment. Depending on the nature of the biosolids stream and the treatment used, the odour compounds released can consist of any combination of the following compounds in a wide range of concentrations: ammonia, amines, hydrogen sulfide, organic sulfides and mercaptans. Additionally, anaerobic digestion of sludge creates the anaerobic conditions in which sulfate-reducing bacteria thrive, causing the formation of hydrogen sulfide that is vented with the digester "biogas" formed from the digestion of sludge.

There are many different technologies that can be applied to control odours from wastewater collection and treatment systems. These technologies can be split into two main groups: vapour-phase technologies, used to control odourous compounds in the air or gas; and liquid-phase technologies, used to control odourous compounds in the liquid wastewater itself.

If your waste treatment plant is giving off odours we can assess the problem and recommend a suitable solution.


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