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Foam on the surface of waste water , in this case meaning "bubbly liquid", is sometimes produced as an often unwanted by-product in the manufacture of various substances. For example, foam is a serious problem in the chemical industry, especially for biochemical processes. Many biological substances, for example proteins, easily create foam on agitation and/or aeration. Foam is a problem because it alters the liquid flow and blocks oxygen transfer from air (therefore preventing microbial respiration in aerobic fermentation processes).

For this reason, anti-foaming agents, like silicone oils, are added to prevent these problems. Chemical methods of foam control are not always desired with respect to the problems (i.e. contamination, reduction of mass transfer) they may cause especially in food and pharmaceutical industries where the product quality is of great importance. In order to prevent foam formation in such cases mechanical methods are mostly dominant over chemical ones.

Products used to treat foaming include silicone defoamers, food-grade defoamers, organic defoamers, water-based emulsion defoamers.

If you have a problem with foam Watermation Ltd can assess the problem and supply a suitable anti-foaming solution

  foaming water

foaming water

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