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Watermation Ltd are experts in the chemical treatment and monitoring of industrial steam boilers. We have gained a vast experience over many years and offer a high level a level of service in the industry. With experience of dealing with steam boilers in many applications such as food manufacturing, heavy industry, heat and power applications, you can be assured of a quality service tailored to your requirements.

We know how important it is for your steam boiler to be treated effectively to prevent costly breakdowns and repair bills. Re-tubing a boiler is not only very costly but the down time is considerable. This can be avoided with a tailored quality water treatment package. We also offer a tailored acid washing service for boilers containing excessive scale. A large part of the UK is supplied with relatively hard water, which means scale. See map below.

Watermation can ensure that you obtain the best possible boiler water treatment for your particular steam boiler and can monitor and manage this to ensure it continues to be effective. Our boiler treatment regime will allow you full flexibility and control over all aspects of your boiler water treatment ensuring boiler specifications are met at all times.

Pre-treatment plant will be assessed for efficiency and suitability and recommendations made on any remedial actions required to ensure continued reliability of your steam boiler treatment.

The map below shows the rate of hardness in mg/l as calcium carbonate in England and Wales.     (Click to enlarge)

map of hard water areas  key to map



  steam boiler

heavily scaled pipe

Your boiler pipe work may already look like this on the inside, resulting in loss of efficiency and eventual failure.
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